Behind Butterflies

If you’re stopping by my ‘About’ page, odds are, you want to know who I am and why my blog should matter to you. The truth is, my blog shouldn’t matter as much as what I hope you take from it.

This is where I pour my musings, wonderings, discoveries, and revelations. They may not be that much different than your own — and yet, they may open your mind to a whole new way of seeing the world around you. I search for that sort of inspiration in every moment of life from the most mundane to the magical.

The first — and probably the most impressive — realization I had as a child was that everyone I met knew at least one thing I didn’t. After three decades, I have yet to meet someone I have not learned something from. Those lessons are piecing the puzzle of my life together. Faces, places, facts and fantasies… the legacy of my life.

The point of my blog is not to teach you but to, hopefully, inspire you to discover what it is you want to know more about.

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”

I expect to learn from all of my readers, just as I hope to share as I learn. In time, we will grow together.

I started this blog when I realized how much I learn from my children: the tiny humans I was blessed with the opportunity to nurture into outstanding pillars of humanity.

They came into the world teaching me new things about myself. Through their unique perspectives of the world, I have learned that I haven’t seen life from every angle yet.

They ask questions I never thought to ask. They have answers to questions that have redefined reality as I thought I knew it. They challenge me to expand my brain-space and consider all possibilities. They have re-installed the insatiable childhood thirst for not just knowledge, but understanding, and they have ignited my dormant imagination.

I  never expected to be a mother of four at this age, and I certainly thought I would know everything by now. It turns out, I’m still growing my wings. We all are.

“We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.”
~LeeAnn Taylor

I hope you will keep coming back. Comment. Ask questions. Discuss. Relate. Share.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”
Margaret Fuller

Always make the day!

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