When Clicks Ruled the West

Davionn called me up to his bedroom to assemble a race track for him. When I opened the door, he was wearing his hockey mask and aiming a bright orange plastic revolver in my direction. I corrected him immediately because a rule in our home (a fairly logical one) is that you never aim a gun at anyone. His response was “Don’t worry mommy, this is an old fashion gun.”  Continue reading When Clicks Ruled the West

B, The Right Type of Type A

I remember making lists as a child. I still do. I list and list and list. I make grocery lists and lists of chores for the day, lists of things I need to get rid of, lists of things I need to acquire, lists of appointments, and lists of work hours vs working hours.

All the while, I’m figuring out how much time I have to make more lists. There are lists everywhere. The one thing that seldom makes it onto a list is the time when I do none of that.   Continue reading B, The Right Type of Type A

Girls Chase Boys

I have been an Ingrid Michaelson fan for years. Many of the songs I cover at local open mics come from her brilliant collection of melodic expression.

I’m currently obsessed with the song Girls Chase Boys, her newest single, showcasing the diversity and rhythm of beauty and love. I had the video on repeat, and it had just looped again when the kids came running into the room. They stopped abruptly and stared at the screen. I braced myself for questions. Continue reading Girls Chase Boys

From Vision To Vibrations

When I come across exceptional displays of creativity like this, it always amazes me how the vision came to be to begin with.

Whether it is carefully-articulated water glass medleys, unnaturally large guitars, or in this particular case… a full orchestral performance of a Christmas classic, played by four ‘piano guys,’ on just one piano… it begs to be questioned where these visions come from.

Continue reading From Vision To Vibrations