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When Clicks Ruled the West

Davionn called me up to his bedroom to assemble a race track for him. When I opened the door, he was wearing his hockey mask and aiming a bright orange plastic revolver in my direction. I corrected him immediately because a rule in our home (a fairly logical one) is that you never aim a gun at anyone. His response was “Don’t worry mommy, this is an old fashion gun.”  Continue reading When Clicks Ruled the West

All Hail Bacon

Davionn – “Mommy, what kind of animal does bacon come from?”

Me – “A pig.”

Davionn – “Oh! We get milk from pigs too!”

Me – “No buddy, we get milk from cows and goats.”

Davionn – “But pigs make milk too.”

Me – “Yes, they do. For their babies. But we don’t drink pig milk.”

Davionn – “What other animals make milk?”

Me – “All mammals make milk. That is one of the things that makes us mammals.”

Davionn – “Are chickens mammals?”

Me – “Nope. They are birds.”

Contemplates this new information.

baconDavionn – “Well that explains why chickens are pigs’ minions.”

Me – *while laughing* “What?”

Davionn – *Very matter of fact* “Yeah! Bacon is the master of the universe.”

Just further proof that I NEVER know where a conversation with these littles is going to lead me.

All hail Bacon.

Nanu Nanu

July 12, 2013

Kaydenc – “Mommy, can I go upstairs and watch TV in your room?”

Me – “The TV is on downstairs.”

Kaydenc – “Yeah, but the ‘kids’ won’t let me watch the Travel Channel.”

Me – *stunned silence*

*From the living room*

Finnley – “Hey look, I’m sitting on my face like Bork!”

Kaydenc – *sighs* “LIKE MORK!”, “My brain needs a break, I’m going to go watch the caterpillars in my room.”

I think this rainy Friday needs to be a silly, creative, play day! It’s time to channel our family FUN!


The Ox-est Truth

May 10, 2013

I was carrying a cooler and a few other items to the house when Finnley ran to my aid.

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Finnley – “Mom, I can carry that for you… I’m as strong as an ox!”

Me – “Thanks buddy, so an Ox is pretty strong?”

Finnley – “Yeah, I’ve heard people say that.”

*as I hand him what I’m sure he can carry*
Me – “Are you sure everything people say is true?”

Finnley *thinks for a second* “Well, no… but I can’t think of any reason someone would lie about an ox.”

Haha. Oh, how I love this kid’s logic.

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Five Penny Luck

April 19, 2013

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Davi – “Mommy! It’s my lucky day! I found a lucky penny.”
*reveals a shiny nickel*

Me – “That’s a nickel, buddy. That’s like five pennies.”

*examining it closely*
Davi – “How did they all get in there?! WOW! It IS my lucky day. I found the biggest penny EVER in the world.”

Hahaaa… can I just keep this one little forever?

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Everybody Knows

January 17, 2013

Davionn loves to challenge and question my knowledge…

Davi “Mommy, I’m hungry… I want broccoli and I want it cooked.”

ME (trying to avoid cooking broccoli at the moment) “Can you just eat some fruit loops?’Davi “NO way.”

ME “Why? Don’t samurai’s eat fruit loops?”

Davi “Some do. Just Power Rangers.”

ME “How do you know Power Rangers eat fruit loops?”

Davi ” EVERYONE knows THAT!”

He may have a point. Ha.

…While I’m cooking broccoli…

Davi “Mommy, do turtles fart?”

ME “I don’t know.”

Davi *sighs* “You don’t know anything.”


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Ninja Love

January 16, 2013

Davi “I love you Finney. You so funny. I’m happy I picked you for my brother.”

Finn “What? You didn’t pick ME… I was born first!”

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Davi “I know, that’s why I picked you.”

Finn “No no… you were in mommy’s belly when I was a baby. You didn’t know you was being borned.”

Davi “Don’t be silly…” *laughing hysterically* *then straight faced* “I’m a samurai.”

Finn *face palm* “Oh brother.”

Bahahaaa… It’s not easy being the mama of ninjas… but it certainly can be entertaining.

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