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I am a writer, a musician, a craftsman, a cook, an artist, a painter, a photographer, a handyman, a healer and a weaver of dreams. Everyday, I wear an array of hats in shades of friend, neighbor, sister, daughter, lover, and wife. Most importantly, I am the mother of four brilliant imaginations, coloring my world wonderful, one day at a time. Motherhood has served as a metamorphosis, to all of my tricks and trades. It has redefined who I am and how I look at life!


My philosophy on raising children is, that it is much the same as observing butterflies. You may think you are watching their flight as carefully as you can, but if you let life’s obstacles get in the way… time will slip away, in the blink of an eye.

Childhood is just a season in our lives. Getting caught up in lists of ‘to do’, appointments, overflowing inboxes, spilled milk, missed naps, temper tantrums, and crayola masterpieces in unexpected places… you can easily lose sight of the beauty of their winged dance, as they grow. And unlike laundry lists of ‘grown up’ monotony, they only grow so long.

If you do not make time to appreciate and enjoy them in the brief moments they are still, you will miss the little details that make them unique. You will overlook the experiences in self discovery, that will define if they are orange, or yellow, or blue. You will miss the magic of the most colorful and expressive years of their lives.

Follow me, as I plant flowers in life’s garden… learning as I go, how to hold fast to the roots of my own self identity, while nurturing and encouraging wide-eyed wonderment. You are welcome to watch through this window… discover, create, invent, explore, sense, climb, fall down, get back up and grow with us, on this journey of ~
Bringing Up Butterflies.

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