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Everybody Knows

January 17, 2013

Davionn loves to challenge and question my knowledge…

Davi “Mommy, I’m hungry… I want broccoli and I want it cooked.”

ME (trying to avoid cooking broccoli at the moment) “Can you just eat some fruit loops?’Davi “NO way.”

ME “Why? Don’t samurai’s eat fruit loops?”

Davi “Some do. Just Power Rangers.”

ME “How do you know Power Rangers eat fruit loops?”

Davi ” EVERYONE knows THAT!”

He may have a point. Ha.

…While I’m cooking broccoli…

Davi “Mommy, do turtles fart?”

ME “I don’t know.”

Davi *sighs* “You don’t know anything.”


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Ninja Love

January 16, 2013

Davi “I love you Finney. You so funny. I’m happy I picked you for my brother.”

Finn “What? You didn’t pick ME… I was born first!”

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Davi “I know, that’s why I picked you.”

Finn “No no… you were in mommy’s belly when I was a baby. You didn’t know you was being borned.”

Davi “Don’t be silly…” *laughing hysterically* *then straight faced* “I’m a samurai.”

Finn *face palm* “Oh brother.”

Bahahaaa… It’s not easy being the mama of ninjas… but it certainly can be entertaining.

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