My Brother, My Friend

I have always felt unusually blessed to have children who are inseparable best friends.



Sure, they have their occasional sibling spats. He said, she said, somehow someone got kicked while brushing their teeth because, naturally, that is also the best time to practice your wicked dance moves, and so on.


They antagonize and tattle. They have their differences to work out and sometimes they need help with that. But at the end of the day, they always want to snuggle up together and read books, or sing each other to sleep in joyous rounds of ABC’s or their made-up Rawr, Rawr song. They belly laugh until they cry and revel in one another’s accomplishments.

They don’t like to be alone, when they can be together. They value the gift they have in having each other. Growing together. Being. Together.

Just last night, a scene played out between the boys that made my heart melt and still makes my eyes swell with tears of pride.

Davionn *entering the room clearly frustrated*
“Finnley, I need your help!”

Finnley *engrossed in a movie he is watching with his sisters doesn’t respond*

“Finnley, I really need your help. You are the only one who can help me. I know you can!”

Finnley *doesn’t budge*

Davionn *dissolves to tears*

Finnley *hears his brother crying, finally snaps out of his trance*
“What is it Davi?!”

“I need help with Slugterra (a computer game he was playing) and I know you can do it.”

Finnley *standing up and taking Davi’s hand — firmly and reassuringly*
“Don’t worry buddy.  I will always help you. You’re my brother.”

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