All Hail Bacon

Davionn – “Mommy, what kind of animal does bacon come from?”

Me – “A pig.”

Davionn – “Oh! We get milk from pigs too!”

Me – “No buddy, we get milk from cows and goats.”

Davionn – “But pigs make milk too.”

Me – “Yes, they do. For their babies. But we don’t drink pig milk.”

Davionn – “What other animals make milk?”

Me – “All mammals make milk. That is one of the things that makes us mammals.”

Davionn – “Are chickens mammals?”

Me – “Nope. They are birds.”

Contemplates this new information.

baconDavionn – “Well that explains why chickens are pigs’ minions.”

Me – *while laughing* “What?”

Davionn – *Very matter of fact* “Yeah! Bacon is the master of the universe.”

Just further proof that I NEVER know where a conversation with these littles is going to lead me.

All hail Bacon.

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