From Vision To Vibrations

When I come across exceptional displays of creativity like this, it always amazes me how the vision came to be to begin with.

Whether it is carefully-articulated water glass medleys, unnaturally large guitars, or in this particular case… a full orchestral performance of a Christmas classic, played by four ‘piano guys,’ on just one piano… it begs to be questioned where these visions come from.

I sat watching, amused and in awe, at these grown men surrounded by toys and tinsel, laughing and singing merrily together as they danced around the piano.  I considered showing my children the video (although I was admittedly concerned I would find our piano disassembled, as a result) when it hit me. The vision starts in the hearts of children!

Every great masterpiece, every work of art, every invention, and every song that has stood the test of time; they all began with a vision. A ‘what if,’ that ignited from a spark that had been there since the imagination was as real as the ability to believe it.

Some people allow that brilliant light inside of them dim. Some even let it flicker out. But the ones who carry the light and pass it on — well into adulthood — keep the vision alive. They bring us wonder and wonderment. They encourage us to question. To grow. And to find our spark.

Much like music… it’s like a vibration. Once it starts… it can continue o-oh-oh-oh-on, o-oh-oh-oh-on, o-oh-oh-oh-on.

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