Girls Chase Boys

I have been an Ingrid Michaelson fan for years. Many of the songs I cover at local open mics come from her brilliant collection of melodic expression.

I’m currently obsessed with the song Girls Chase Boys, her newest single, showcasing the diversity and rhythm of beauty and love. I had the video on repeat, and it had just looped again when the kids came running into the room. They stopped abruptly and stared at the screen. I braced myself for questions.

After a few moments, Finnley said, “Those look like boys… with makeup on.” I said, “They are.” He responded, “Oh, okay” and popped a gummy worm in his mouth.

No giggles. No judgement. They all just accepted the performance for what it is. By the end of the song, we were all singing along to the catchy chorus.

After it was over Lorelei exclaimed… “Mommy, I love that video! There are some people that think it’s weird when people are different and like different things. This is just showing that what other people think doesn’t matter. You just do what you love. And love yourself.  (Kaydenc echoed in agreement.) You be who you want to be in your heart and your mind, and you can wear what makes you feel beautiful!”

My heart nearly exploded. Such wise words from an old soul in such a tiny vessel.
I replied, “They do look beautiful, don’t they?”

They all eagerly nodded.
Then Finnley added… “And boy can they dance!”

They sure can!

“All the broken hearts in the world still beat
Lets not make it harder than it has to be
Oooooh it’s all the same thing
Girls chase boys chase girls chase girls chase boys chase boys chase girls
Oooooh it’s all the same thing”

~Ingrid Michaelson

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